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Destination wedding in Bali Part 4 - Tirtha Uluwatu Chapel Review


Continue with Tirtha Uluwatu by Tirtha Bridal

We arranged for a food tasting and it took place on the actual reception place so that we can have the exact idea of how it will feels like.

This is the reception villa from the exterior. 

Tirtha Uluwatu reception villa

Looking out from the reception villa, we have a fantastic view of the pond and sea.

The view of the pond and sea from the reception villa

And of course, the chapel.
The view of the chapel entrance from the reception villa

View of chapel with the sea and pond

Close up shot of the chapel from reception villa

Entering the reception villa, the decoration is a combination of modern and Balinese. The reception villa can be separated into 3 smaller spaces if needed, as demarcated by the doors and curtains. So it will fits groups of  2 to 40 comfortably. :D

Interior of Tirtha Uluwatu reception villa

On the table is their standard flowers centrepiece for reception, which consists of a single orchid (accompanied by few stalks of awkwardly cut green stalk) in a square basket and a candle in a cylindrical vase. This is one example of simple flower decoration done wrongly. The orchid was arranged vertically at the 90 degree which makes it awkward and dull. If one has a slight idea of ikebana (Japanese flowers arrangement which typically use very little flowers), it will be obvious that nothing should be arranged at 90 degree. Given Tirtha Bridal is founded by Japanese, I am surprise to see such flowers arrangement. However, one thing I find it lacking in Tirtha is their flowers decoration. I find the standard flowers decoration in the chapel is also a mess and does not compliment the airy and minimalistic feel in the chapel at all.

Another negative point at the dining room - during our visit, the honeycomb-like curtains on the ceiling are newly added deco. However, I find them disturbing - too much noise in this otherwise simple and tranquil room. 

Honeycomb structures decorating the ceiling

Moving on to the food. Preview: it was GOOD! :D

There is a choice of either western set dinner or buffet at Tirtha Bridal. We decided to go with the buffet so that elders who don't enjoy western meals can also get their "rice" fix. :D 

This is a sample buffet menu and for minimum of 40 pax, we can get ALL of these. Talking about options! :D

Our sample menu

I think we were provided half of the menu for food tasting. Even with just half, we still can't finish them. These are some of the pictures we took during food tasting, surprisingly very little of them. I guess we must be too busy eating and the food must be too good. Quote from my brother: "The amount of food pictures taken during a meal is in inverse relationship with the deliciousness of the food". He came to this conclusion when I tried to show my pictures of Kobe beef dinner in Kyoto. Apparently I only manage to show him a picture of us going into the restaurant before the meal and a picture walking out after the meal. But the beef is memorable.

Without further ado, the food.

The appetizer. Can't really remember what it was as it was quite a while ago. 


The sauce for satay. Yup, they provide 7 types of sauces just for satay.


And finally, the dessert.

Pretty and delicious dessert

To compensate for the lack of pictures, here is a video of what I think about the food after the tasting. And I do have quite a high standard of expectation for food, thanks to Mr whose enjoyment relies on finding good food for me to taste (while he is a vegetarian - try comprehending that). So for me to say good for so many times, it must be GOOD.  

PS: Mr happened to pass by when I was adding the pictures and video of the food, and out he scream "Oh.. That was SO GOOD!"

To be continued...

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Updates on 31 Oct 2013: We are getting married at Tirtha Uluwatu after all! Check out my Bali Wedding Preparation tags to follow our preparations process leading to the big day. Feel free to drop me an email or leave a instant message on my Facebook chat if you have any questions on wedding preparation in Bali or about something I have written on the blog.


  1. Hi! I chanced upon your blog entry when I googled tirtha uluwatu food review. I'm contemplating to hold my church wedding there next year. Visited the place and just like what you said it is ethereal - complete stunner. I'm quite worried about the food though. My friends who have attended weddings at tirtha found their western 4/5 course dinner mediocre.
    Did you choose the Asian buffet in the end?

  2. I highly appreciate this post. It’s hard to find the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! Thanks for this blog. Reception hall Laval