Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Destination wedding in Bali Part 5 - Tirtha Luhur Chapel Review


After the tasting (No, the visiting was not done yet), we went over to a sister venue managed by Tirtha Bridal - Tirtha Luhur.

Tirtha Luhur is just right next to Tirtha Uluwatu, less than 5 minutes by walk. It is a totally standalone compound with chapel, bridal preparation villa, guest lounge and reception villa.

It was raining by the time we arrived so we didn't manage to get a full landscape pictures of Tirtha Luhur. Here is a picture from their Facebook page
Tirtha Luhur Chapel (Image from Tirtha Birdal Facebook)

The entrance of Tirtha Luhur leads directly to the chapel, unlike Tirtha Uluwatu where guests are greeted by gardens and villas while the chapel remain "hidden". The guest lounge is on the left while bridal preparation rooms are on the right. Pardon for the dim lighting. The weather is bad. I felt bad for the couple who was getting married on that day. It rained non stop from the afternoon till night, and it was the only day that rain during our trip in Bali.
Entrance of Tirtha Luhur which open directly to the entrance of the chapel

The interior of the Tirtha Luhur chapel. It is overlooking a infinity pool and Indian Ocean. However, we can only see mist on that day. This chapel is much larger than the one at Tirtha Uluwatu, but it uses normal chair instead of the transparent acrylic chairs used in Tirtha Uluwatu that contribute to the airy feel.

Inside Tirtha Luhur chapel, facing the infinity pool and Indian Ocean

The back of the chapel. It is more spacious than Tirtha Uluwatu and is able to fit more people. However, we can see the Balinese villa outside through the full glass wall which disturb the attention and focal point of the chapel. In fact, the front view is also not as great as the altar view will be flanked by the reception villa on the left and an open air bale on the right. The whole experience is not as simple and airy as I would like it to be. 

The back view of the chapel


The bridal room is much more spacious and it comes with a canopy bed! It also has a separate bathroom and dressing room

Queen size bed in the bridal preparation room

 The bride will have a good view of the pool and the ocean while preparing.

Looking our from the bridal preparation room

This picture is taken from the bridal preparation room. Not bad right? (Imagine there is an ocean staring at you after the pool. What a lousy weather) Although by now I must admit I had gain immunity to all beautiful things.

The view from the bridal preparation room

And finally, the reception villa. It is much more spacious here as it doesn't have the door partition that spilt the hall. It also doesn't have the noisy honeycomb structures and curtain. It has more space and can fit up to 60 pax comfortably. Although if it is a clear day, Tirtha Bridal can always arrange an Al-fresco dining. 

Reception villa in Tirtha Luhur


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Updates on 31 Oct 2013: We are getting married at Tirtha Uluwatu after all! Check out my Bali Wedding Preparation tags to follow our preparations process leading to the big day. Feel free to drop me an email or leave a instant message on my Facebook chat if you have any questions on wedding preparation in Bali or about something I have written on the blog.

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