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ilLido Wedding Venue Scouting

The view that welcome you as you enter ilLido. Your guests will be wowed. 

I learnt about this place when I was surfing HungryGoWhere. (Eating and travelling are my hobbies, and my favourite past time is to read HungryGoWhere and Tripadvsior reviews. ==||) Anyway, one of my friends attended a wedding at ilLido before and raves about it. So it had been on my list of potential venue.

ilLido is situated at one end of Sentosa Golf Club clubhouse. So you can guess what you getting into - The greenery of the golf course and the sea from Sentosa Island. It is so beautiful and tranquil, the moment I walked in, it almost took my breath away. (In the video, you can actually hear birds chirping)

The alfresco terrace has the best view of the sea and the golf lawn. It can be used as a solemnization area that able to seat up to 100 pax. I think it must be beautiful to have solemnization here.

More picture from the al-fresco terrance showing the view from both side.
The view is much more visible in the day time, with much cheaper minimum spending requirement, I think having a wedding lunch here is a much better option than wedding dinner. In fact, on the day of our visits, another couple just had their wedding lunch at ilLido. I guest their guests must be pretty impressed by the view.

Moving into the the in-door dining area. I was a little surprised that the in-door dining area looks a slightly too small to fit 150 pax, which was the amount of guests they claimed they can fit. Later we found out that the in-door dining area can only fit less than 100 pax, while the remaining guests will be seated outside. We are quite concern with such arrangement, especially the door will be closed during the event, essentially separating the in-door guests and out-door guests. Moreover, I also don't like the idea of al-fresco dining in hot and humid Singapore.

View of indoors for wedding setup. From ilLido Flickr

ilLido gives out little booklet that shows all the menu and floorplan. As you can see, the tables are arranged in both in-door and out door areas.
Floor plan and sample table layout at ilLido. 

The are very flexible with the table arrangement and customized it based on the actual number of guests. This is the customized floor plan sent to us the next day after we meet up with them. The event executive is very prompt with inquiries and follow up.
Alternative seating arrangement customized for our 150 guests

Since we were there, we also took the opportunity to try out the food. The food are what you would expect of a restaurant of this price point. And of course it is a notch above standard wedding reception. The service is okay, we didn't experience any prolonged wait as mentioned in HungryGoWhere and Tripadvisor.

The minimum food and beverage spending required to have exclusive use of ilLido is $12,000++ for lunch and $20,000++ for dinner. They have a variety of set menu, tailored according to the couple preference and season offering. Lunch set menus are priced at $38/ $68/ $88/ $108++ per person while dinner set menus are priced at $78/ $88/ $108/ $138++ per person. Drink packages cost $25++ per person over 3 hours for soft drinks and juices; or $58++ per person over 3 hours which includes wine and beer. It can also be arranged on consumption basis.

For minimum spending of $12,000 and above on weddings, ilLido gives a free night stay at Capella Singapore as well as flowers arrangements on dining table, solemnization table and chairs and a flower bouquet for the brides. The flowers are fully customized by their florist and I think they looks wonderful from their Flickr photos. No standard flowers package like the hotel reception, yeah!

Other complimentary items includes:
  • Complimentary admission into Sentosa Island coming in by cars/ taxis/ coaches ( this is important for a wedding in Sentosa, but I think it was included in most venue in Sentosa)
  • Car park for all guests at the open-air car parks in front of Sentosa Golf Club
  • Printed menus, place cards and event signage at main entrance
  • Complimentary usage of AV system including projector, screen and one handheld microphone. Piped in music allowed.
  • Food tasting up to 4 persons 
So, it is pretty much a fuse-free wedding like ones that held in hotel.

In case you want to re-create hotel package (although I don't know why you are still reading my blog if you do), this is what you will need to source:
  • Ang pow box (I wish to eliminate this in my wedding, the minimum I can do to welcome the guests is to receive their gift personally. Or you can get some creative and beautiful Ang Pow box from The Beautiful Carrier)
  • Guests book (There must be a more creative way for the guests to send their wishes)
  • Wedding favours (The most useless and wasteful items in the wedding, unless you are the couple who gave out Cash Card with $50 credit, if that's the case, INVITE ME TO YOUR WEDDING. We are thinking probably will replace that with donations)
  • Champagne fountain
  • Five tier dummy wedding cake (Will replace that with a real wedding cake)

Final thoughts:

I think ilLido is a nice venue for less than 100 guests. I don't think one should separate their guests between indoors and outdoors. With minimum spending of $12,000 for lunch, the price per person is not too steep even with only 100 guests.

The event executive Vanessa who is showing us around is very helpful and knows the venue very well. She came out with multiple table arrangement scenarios and is very prompt in replying emails.

We will keep this venue in mind in case we decided to split our relative and friends into 2 celebrations.

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