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Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Wedding Show 2013

Fast forward to year 2013...

My mum condition has been unstable for us to plan anything serious. Her cancer relapsed within 6 months after her first cycle of chemotherapy and surgery. We are totally clueless on whether she will be fit to travel. On the other hand, relatives has been asking when are we going to have our actual day since we had our ROM last year. And of course, there are these talks about chongxi 冲喜 - although I personally think that getting a sick person to attend a wedding is asking too much of their limited energy.

So as a backup plan, we started to look for an unique venue in Singapore to potentially host our wedding.

The NO list:
  1. No hotel ballroom
  2. No standard Chinese 8-course dinner
  3. No 1st march in, 2nd march in, pre-wedding picture, childhood montage etc.
    Yup. I was considering forgoing with pre-wedding pictures because I find it pretentious and lack of memorable value. And it most likely got stuck in one corner gathering dust after the wedding. I rather have some nice pictures taken at the actual day which is more meaningful. 

The MUST-HAVE list:
  1. Beautiful venue
  2. Good food
  3. Engaging layout and event flow so the guests can be interactive
  4. Fit 100-200 pax. That's a big range, but we can always tailor our guests list according to our venue ;)
  5. Fit into the budget of $50K for everything including dresses, flowers etc (it has been the same figure since 2011. Mr is not very good on the idea of inflation >.<)

First stop, Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Wedding Show.

Choices of standard invitation from Rasa Sentosa

Ok. I know this is a hotel. We were there because of one and only one thing - the fully length glass-panel windows of Horizon Pavilion. Of course, being at Sentosa, I was hoping that we can see the sea... but it is blocked by trees. And even without the trees, it will be ships. Sigh, the problem with Singapore sea view.

View of sea/trees from Horizon Pavillion

Nevertheless, the place is still nice with light and airy mood created by the sunlight shining in through the full length glass panel. I really think I am a day time bride, wedding dinner just feels too formal and heavy for me, especially when it is in a ballroom. 

Horizon Pavillion at Rasa Sentosa

Mr does't like the yellow light (he calls it the french fries light) on the ceiling. I don't like the dining setup. Interestingly, this is NOT their standard banquet setup. Their standard setup, as shown later, are actually slightly nicer then this.

The minimum booking for this room is 25 tables, while they only setup 22 tables during the show and I find it is just roomy enough. I can't imagine how tight would it be when fitted to the maximum capacity of 32 tables.

There are also 2~3 pillars at the back of the room, which makes the space layout difficult. I am guessing they are only laying out 22 tables for the wedding show so that none of the tables will be behind the pillars. To fit in the minimum requirements of 25 tables, some tables would need to stay behind the pillars and blocked by it.

There's nothing much to scream about the standard flower arrangements. It just looks like any other standard flowers decoration in hotel ballroom. The flowers setup is arranged in the Siloso Ballroom. Since we are not interested in the ballroom, not much pictures were taken.

Standard flowers arrangement at Rasa Sentosa

I also don't like the look of the creased table clothes and chair covers. I realized that a lot of hotels are using textured linen now so that they can get away with ironing the linen, but I find the whole image very unprofessional and messy. This is also one of the areas that I think having a reception at a classy modern restaurant is more suitable for chic modern wedding. They typically have good quality linen (carefully pressed) and fine tableware. Their chairs are also typically of unique design matching the venue, so there is no need to rent tiffany chairs (Mr: phew!) to create the slick modern look.

Our ROM lunch setup at Flutes the Fort - carefully pressed table linen and napkins, beautiful glass wares, dark brown wooden chairs matching the black and white theme of colonial house. Simple and chic.  

We were also shown the setup of the solemnization by the sea, which would cost $1500++ for maximum of 150 pax. Once again, they conveniently use the standard hotel padded chairs and chair covers for the outdoor ceremony setup, which effectively destroy the mood of the outdoor solemnization. Outdoor, especially by the sea, is all about informal, airy and space. And there they are putting a stuffy, blogged down ballroom chairs in the middle of open air. In fact, the look will be so much better by just using the beach benches at the right of the photos. 
Solemnization by the beach

Prices for 2014 starts from $968++ per tables of 10 (weekday lunch, which is pretty impossible for most people) for 8-course Chinese reception in the Siloso Ballroom. Horizon Pavillion demands more premium pricing: $1,218++ for weekday and $1,318++ for weekend. Same price applied for both lunch and dinner. For Western reception, it will be $131++ per pax for weekday and $141++ for weekend in Horizon Pavilion.  (++ refers to 10% service tax and 7% government tax, bringing a total of eye-tearing tax of 17%)

Standard items included in the package

Perks for booking during the wedding show


Final thoughts:

Horizon Pavilion has beautiful light for lunch wedding. However, it would take some effort to dress it up and thus adding additional cost to already not cheap package price. 

Some ideas for Horizon Pavilion. I think these blue tone will match it well. 

Tiffany blue table clothes with dark purple orchid

Blue glassware as accent colour against white background

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  1. thanks for the review. Think the idea of having a solemnisation near the beach is fascinating. I personally like the feeling of the wind and atmosphere near the beach (except if its raining). shall look forward to the wedding show. thanks again.