Monday, June 17, 2013

The Forlino Wedding Venue Scouting and Meeting with Wedding Planner Eternal Emotion


This is a review on the restaurant Forlino and wedding planner Eternal Emotion.

I have been eyeing Forlino for a while since the famous blogger Xiaxue had her solemnization there. (You can check out her solemnization here. In fact her blog has more beautiful photos than mine. I didn't take much photos as the light were off during my visits as they were in between their lunch and dinner opening hours)

Forlino. Picture from their Facebook.
View of Marina Bay from Forlino

View of Esplanade and the Merlion

The forte of Forlino, obviously, is the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer the views of Fullerton-Esplanade and Marina Bay. You can also see the "vomiting" lion (that's what Mr calls it) from here. The windows also let in the sunlight, as you might have notice by now, it is the recurring aspect that is constantly there in all venues I have visited. My mum commented that I am just emotionally-attached to a glass house, and perhaps she is right. But hey, this is Singapore, as much as I want an al-fresco party, the either humid and hot or rainy and wet weather does not permit it. So the next best option of inviting the sun into the party is to find a glass room! I am just being practical here. :P

The cons with Forlino is that it is difficult to find. It is located at the 2nd level of One Fullerton. The entrance to the lift is hidden behind a door that looks like emergency exit. After exiting the lift on 2nd floor, one still needs to walk up a flight of stairs, than a long corridor, before arriving at the main dining room. And the bar available to hold cocktail reception is too small to accommodate 90 guests, which is the maximum sitting capacity in the main dining room. 

The minimum spending for private usage of the whole restaurant is $8,000++ for lunch and $15,000 ++ for dinner. There shouldn't be any problem meeting the minimum spending as lunch menu starts from $78++ and dinner menu starts from $118 ++; while drink package start from $22++ for soft drinks and juices and $59++ for beer and house pour wines.

The viewing of Forlino is a tied-up event with wedding planner Eternal Emotion. I guess you can approach Forlino directly if you don't want to engage a wedding planner. But for me, I am considering of getting a wedding planner so it gives me opportunity to find out more about them. 

The wedding planner meeting us that day was Sharol from Eternal Emotion. Eternal Emotion wedding planning company with Japanese root. The founder acquires years of wedding planning experiences in Japan.   In Japan, wedding planning is a professional service which most couples will engage, thus I expect in general wedding planners in Japan has a stronger foundation than those in Singapore. Not to mention Japanese has a strong reputation for their meticulousness and professionalism, which are important qualities for wedding planning. In fact, my experience with Tirtha Bridal in Bali, which also has Japanese connection, gave me quite a good impression of Japanese wedding planning services. 

My personal preference for Japanese company aside, Sharol did a wonderful introduction to her company and showcasing their portfolio of past weddings. She started with showing us a sample client folder, which is filled of meeting minutes, bills, excel sheet tracing paid and unpaid balance etc. They will prepare similar folders for every couple who engage them as their wedding planners.

Next, she went through pictures from their portfolio and sharing with us interesting stories with each wedding they planned. Most of the weddings they planned are on the smaller scale of 50 to 150 pax. And quite a number of them consist of Japanese couple. However, the unique quality that set them apart from other wedding planner is that they focus more on the events rather than decoration aspect of the wedding. Instead of showing us pictures of beautiful table arrangements, Sharol chooses to tell us how they come out with ideas to make every couple's wedding special and interactive. For example, one of their couple has limited budget for flowers, so they bought different loose flowers from market and use it as "escort card" by distributing them to the guests, where the guests will place it in the vase on their respective tables, which are identified by different flowers. They also came out with the "bouquet pull", a variation of bouquet throw, to avoid the awkward situation of the bouquet dropping on the floor that we saw it so many times in Singapore wedding. One of their couples decided to forego with the march in but go from table to table to thank the guests for celebrating with them. Another couple were seated on a separate table by themselves instead of seating with the family so that friends can walk up and congratulate them any time they want instead of being intimidated by the presence of the couples' family. Eternal Emotion also strongly encourages the couples to hand out the wedding favour themselves as they send the guests off so that they can personally thank the guests with warmth and sincerity.

The "bouquet pull" idea by Eternal Emotion, pictures from their Facebook 

Of course, a lot of these ideas were doable only with smaller weddings. But I think that is also what me and Mr are looking for. We rather have a smaller celebration with more interactive time with our guests rather than vice versa. In fact, one of Eternal Emotion's couple split their celebration into a sit down lunch with relative and a pub celebration with their colleagues, which really get us thinking whether we should do the same too :P.

Engaging Eternal Emotion as your wedding planner will cost $3500 if having a wedding celebration with their partner venues or $5000 at other places. For that, you will get unlimited consultation, planning and most importantly 3 people will be there to co-ordinate your actual day program and logistic.

We are still on a look out for wedding planners. But Eternal Emotion will definitely placed high in our list. 

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  1. I've seen a couple of other performances at other Centers, but this was my first time in here. It was amazing! Great venue, it's smaller than Fisher Place and Carnegie Place but it is still a fair sized venue.

  2. The ceremony hall was then flipped for the reception where the best pesto we have ever had was served over chicken before we danced the night away and cherished with high quality champagne.