Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mason Wedding Fair 2013

We attended the wedding fair at Mason on last Sunday. We originally wanted to skip this venue as it is way too small for our total number of guests. However, thinking that we might spilt our celebration into two and also taking the opportunity to check out the restaurant at the same time, we decided last minute to attend the event.

I can't resist myself not to use a vintage filter for this shot. The place is so suitable for a vintage theme wedding.

Mason is situated at Gillman Barracks, which is considerably central, yet very quiet side and away from all the hustle bustle. It is surrounded by lush greenery that is yet to be developed. (How long can this last is another questions as it is not reserves as a park)


The layout of Mason is pretty simple: a rectangular indoor restaurant, a walkway with some sofa and alfresco dining area. As you can see from the floor plan below, the typical number of guests seated indoor is around 64 pax. Although it claims that it can fit up to 110 pax with hired furnitures that utilize smaller area, I suspects that it will be too squeezed for comfort. 

Floor plan for Mason. The current layout fits 64 pax indoor. 

Here are some of the actual picture taken on that day. 

Top left: The indoor dining area. Bottom left: Outdoor dining area which has been turn into solemnization area. Right: The walkway with sofas. 

The outdoor dining area was converted into solemnization area during the wedding the show. The solemnization took place in front of a majestic tree (sorry, my botany literacy is only capable of identifying it as "tree"). It must be very special to have a multi-hundred-year-old tree as a witness for your vow exchanges. A faux lawn was placed at solemnization table area to demarcate the special area, which blends very well in this setting.  

The outdoor dining area was set up for solemnization, with a majestic tree as the focus point. 

Here's a picture of Mason from another angle. The whole area is surrounded by open car park, so your guests will have no problem parking their car. And I think the open car park separates the building from everything else, giving it some sense of isolation and privacy which is quite lacking in Singapore. 

Vintage is definitely the theme of the day (and also a very popular wedding theme now). Outside Mason, two 1972 Volkswagen Beetles from Love Bug were displayed.

The inside were set up with vendors booth, therefore we didn't take any pictures. Here are the pictures taken from their website.

Pictures of the indoor setaing area from Mason website.

Multiple wedding decorators were present at the event: Poppy Flora Studio, Butterflies & Cakes and Wedding Diary. Here are some of their work. Again, vintage is the main theme. Butterflies & Cakes even has an vintage typewriter and telephone on display. I didn't manage take any pictures of them but luckily they posted them on their blog, so here you go. 

Table centrepiece by Poppy Flora Studio
Vintage bohemian decor by Wedding Diary
Vintage telephone and typewriter by Butterflies & Cakes (from their blog)

Butterflies & Cakes, and Wedding Diary also provide full wedding planning and/or actual day coordination services. Full wedding planning costs $4000 for both of them, excluding decoration fee. Actual day coordination costs $1500 for Butterflies $ Cakes and $2700 for Wedding Diary. 


We met with a very interesting photographer, Brian Ho from The Galeria. I was first attracted to his booth by the classically-framed black and white photo and the fine leather cover albums that are being displayed. Why am I attracted to the album? I don't know, especially when I am seriously considering NOT getting an album they are rarely browse through. 

But Mr always says that I have this intrinsic ability of picking up the most expensive things among a bunch of random stuff, and this happens to be one of them. The album turn out to be hand made entirely in Singapore with Torino Rembourrage Conventry leather and German-made archival-grade Hahnemühle Photo Rag fine art paper. You can check out photos of this hand made beauty here

What is even more impressive is: Most Of The Photos Are Taken by Film (!) and Hand-Developed by Brian himself (!!).  Brian is one of the rare few photographers that are still shooting in films in this digital age. He proudly show us his different cameras, including a Holga Lomography camera. Each photos is shot using different types of cameras and films on the fly, which is totally different and takes much more skills than just applying a filter during post-production. 

Albums and photo displays by The Galeria


Brian is also a filmmaker. Perhaps that explains why he choose to shoot in film as even nowadays, movies are still shot in films. One can sense the strong influence of cinematography in both his pre-wedding and actual day shoots. Browsing through his album feels like watching In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-wai. More of his work can be found on Facebook and his own blog

Another interesting person we met was Carolyn Kan from Carrie K. Carolyn was a MD for an international advertising firms before she pursues her passion of jewellery designs and silversmith. When she introduce herself as the silversmith for Carrie K, the first thought that came into my mind was "Is there even such an occupation in Singapore?".

A varieties of jewellery and accessories were on display. She also does custom made jewellery and heirloom redesign since she has her own atelier. Perfect for people who wants to get their one-of-a-kind jewellery. One of her design really caught our eye - which is this jewellery bow tie. It comes in silver, yellow gold and rose gold. Knowing Mr loves all things quirky and has been feeling left out from jewellery scene for so long, I promise to buy this for him as the wedding gift. :P 

We love this jewellery bow tie by Carrie K. Jewellery is not limited to girls only anymore. 

After going  through the round, we were tired and time for us to taste their canapés. On offer were breaded shrimps with aioli. pan seared foie gras, sautéed mushroom in truffles cream, goat cheese with tomato relish, chocolate moose and home made chocolate truffles. The breaded shrimp is good, the foie gras and sauteed mushroom were also not bad. Mr gulped down the moose and truffles before I can take pictures of it, so I guess that's a good sign.

Canapés offered on the Mason Wedding Show 

There is also a selection of welcome drinks consists of two cocktails (pink and blue, not very sure what exactly are they) and one red and one white wine. I didn't try the red wine, but the white wine offered that day was really good. It is slightly sweet, with very distinct fruity after taste. It is very easy to drink and is often offered by Mason for events. 

Various welcome drinks offered at the Mason Wedding Show.

The minimum spending to rent the whole venue on weekends is $8,000++ for lunch and $15,000++ for dinner. The minimum spending is pretty customizable and you can find the cost for each item here.  

Minimum spending to privatize the whole venue

Some sample wedding packages are shown here. 


Final thoughts:

I think Mason is very quaint and nice for solemnization celebration of around 50 pax. It is not easy to find such a quiet and exclusive venue for 50-80 guests, and I think this is one of them. It should be top of your list if you want to go for vintage colonial theme. Not to forget that I LOVE the tree as solemnization backdrop.

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