Friday, September 20, 2013

Super Sunday: The Atelier Bridal, Tirtha Weddings, 1-Altitude Part 2

It has been a while I didn't update my blog. There is no motivation to do anything wedding related as at this rate I have no idea when the wedding is going to be. My mum condition is not stable, while Mr's brother just recently has a baby. Both families just do not have the extra time, energy and interest to hold a wedding...

Anyway, I am still doing research on and off, albeit more off and on, so that the wedding can be executed immediately once things are clearer. We are hoping either January or June next year. Let's see.


Back to the updates.

After leaving The Atelier Bridal (see the previous post), we realized that we still have quite some time before our dinner reservation at 1-Altitude.  So while we resting our feet and killing our time at McCafe, I proposed that we pay Tirtha Wedding a visit.

I knew that Tirtha Bridal from Bali (those who don't know about Tirtha, check back my earlier post here. It is my dream wedding venue) has recently started a subsidiary in Singapore.I can imagine there must be so much demand or so much money to make in Singapore that they are setting up a shop front in the iconic Fullerton Hotel.

I didn't pay them a visit earlier as I didn't know whether my Bali wedding is still possible. But with one of my friends recently decided to get married in Tirtha (not without my influenced from this blog) and with my mum condition slightly better (as of 26 August), I am eager to revisit the possibility of a wedding in Bali again.

Anyway, I would like to check out what do they offer in Singapore.

Picture of Tirtha Wedding from their Facebook

As a Japanese-owned company, service is courteous and professional as expected. We were greeted with a warm cup of green tea and some snacks which is typical of Japanese service industry. One of their Japanese owner, Yuka Koreyasu-san, was there too.

The company is new and I guess they are still trying to figure things around. From what I understand, this subsidiary in Singapore offers 3 services:

1. Wedding planning in Singapore
2. Coordination with wedding planning in Bali
3. Rental of bridal attire

1. Wedding planning in Singapore

Wedding planning package cost SGD 4,000 and it does not includes actual day co-ordination. Actual day co-ordination will cost an additional SGD 1,000.

This is an odd pricing structure as I would expect the actual day is the main reason why a bride needs a wedding planner. In fact, most wedding planners offer an actual-day-only planning package to cater for this need.

Since I am not that interested in their Singapore wedding planning package. I didn't ask much about it.

2. Coordination with wedding planning in Bali

As the sister company to the Tirtha Bridal Bali, I can imagine this is their main competitive advantage in Singapore's competitive wedding planning scene.  I guess there must be a significant number of Singapore resident who got married in Tirtha Bali that prompts them to open a subsidiary here.

During our visit in late August, the wedding packages offered in Singapore is the same as those offered in Bali, which is also quoted in USD. Booking the package in Singapore will entitle you a Singapore-based wedding planner that help you coordinate your wedding with Bali side. However, judging from my previous experience of dealing directly with Tirtha Bali, I don't see the need of having an additional Singapore-based coordinator to do so. The wedding coordinators in Bali are professional and prompt enough to deal with directly.

The main perks of booking Tirtha Bali in Singapore, in my opinion, is that the payment will be settled here. Thus one can save the hassle and cost of international bank transfer.

The package price is still the same as what I got previously, which you can check it out here. There is some slight adjustment of the miscellaneous extra. The most obvious one is that the buffet now cost USD $75 instead of USD $65. Contact me if you want the full list.

Beautiful water wedding at Tirtha Luhur, photo from Tirtha Bridal Facebook

Few days ago, ie. two weeks later from my visit, they sent me an update of the latest package available only for booking in Singapore.

For SGD 19,000 nett, you get all these for 70 pax.
(Update 2 Nov 2013: the Singapore Package is SGD19,800 now, due to adjustment for tax) 
  • Priest or celebrant
  • Professional Tirtha wedding team
  • Tirtha's elegant flower decoration
  • Fresh frangipani flower walkway
  • Romantic choralist and keyboardist throughout ceremony
  • 2 flower girls in traditional dress
  • 2-way transport between hotel and Tirtha for bride and groom
  • Commemorative certificate (non-legal)
  • Personalized welcome board and guest registry book
  • Free use of Tirtha Luhur facilities
  • 6 hours professional photography service with 300 shots data in CDR
  • 6 hours professional videography service, edited in 30-minute ceremony, 10 minute reception, 5 minute tour in Blu-ray or DVD
  • International buffet menu (up to 70 pax)
  • 6h free flow soft drinks (1600-2200)
  • 3-tier wedding cake, chocolate mud flavour (up to 70 pax)
  • Exotic tropical welcome drink, program card, flower confetti (up to 70 pax)
  • Tirtha's signature white rose bouquet and boutonniere
  • Professional dress and tuxedo steam service (one attire each)
  • Tirtha signature gift for couple
  • Hair and make-up service (full attend)
  • Guest transport (72 pax, 8 hours)
  • Wedding planning fee
  • At least one wedding planner from Singapore to carry out the coordination at your wedding
I must say I am very very tempted. Things such as photography, videography, makeup, guest tranport etc adds up to a considerable sum very quickly. With this package, it almost covers everything you need.

Well, for now, I can only keep this in mind.

3. Rental of bridal attire

Photos from Tirtha Wedding Facebook
Another unique service for Tirtha Wedding in Singapore is the rental of bridal gown. Tirtha works with Italian dressmaker to make gowns that cater for Asian petite body. I think some of them looks very good. But the price is a bit steep. If I can remember correctly, each rental cost $1500~$2000 for a dress. And there will be an additional $500 if you are renting a first use gown.

I might go back to check it out again if I need a rental gown.