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Bali Wedding Preparation: Real Life Updates of Guest Accommodation - Harris Bukit Jimbaran & Hidden Valley

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Alex, who has made this update possible.

Alex, who is going to have his wedding at Tirtha one month after mine, contacted me after bumping into this blog during his research. Since then we have been sharing our experience and findings on Tirtha wedding arrangement, which I promise I will sort them out and share later on.

Alex went to Bali to do his 2nd scouting (so dedicated, isn't it?) for Tirtha and more importantly, accommodation for guests. Harris Hotel Bukit Jimbaran is among his list, but he is more eager to find a villa to accommodate his guests. After all, this is Bali, why would one pass a chan

Without further ado, here comes the pictures. All these pictures are taken by his phone camera, but they are still amazing, isn't it?

First, some overall shot of the hotel. Looks not bad, not the fanciest but clean and tidy.
Outside view of Harris Bukit Jimbaran
Pool view room

Here's the pictures of the room. They are of decent size. Probably consider small in Bali? Room have basic amenities - "toothbrush, toothpaste, hair dryer, shampoo, locker, minibar, 2 free bottles of water, kettle". Alex alerted that he found ants in the room.

Standard room

He also shared with me regarding the suites available. There are 8 in total, all located at the same floor. Each suite has a living room and is interconnected with another standard rooms. It is great for family, however I can't imagine the headache in sorting out the rooming arrangement if I choose these. So I give up.

Here's the pictures of the suites.

Suite room

Living room at the suite

Living room at the suite

Breakfast are of acceptable standard with many varieties. Pastry are good.

Harris Cafe
Of course the highlight of the hotel is its rooftop lounge. According to Alex, the atmosphere was good with music playing, lying beds, and big round sofa at the centre can cater for large group.

The photos taken with his phone looks almost like what was shown on the website.

Small chapel like structure at the rooftop

Rooftop lounge

Another angle of the rooftop lounge
I asked him to check out the spa at Harris Bukit Jimbaran as well as the facilities surrounding it, and he gladly obliged (Thank you soooo much! Alex.)

Spa at Harris Bukit Jimbaran is more expensive than what they can get outside, but not as exorbitant as in the high end hotel. Figure 250,000 rupiah for an hour massage. Massage in Bali ranges from 50,000 rupiah at road side establishment to 1,000,000 rupiah in out-of-the-world hotel. So I guess you pretty much get what you pay for. The feedback from Alex regarding the massage was "good but not great". Yet, they "fell asleep towards the end". I will take that as a good sign?

I also asked him to check out surrounding facilities. Apparently there are 2 minimart closeby - K Mart and Post Mart, a salon cum massage store around 12 min walk and a Kat Kichen restaurant next to Harris.

Ok, that's all for Harris for now.

Alex's main focus for this trip is to find a villa for his guests. He is having Harris as his back up plan because most of the villa can't fit all this guests in one place and a lot of them have exorbitant prices!

Thankfully for him, he manage to find a boutique hotel with a mixture of villa and hotel rooms set in a close compound - Hidden Valley Resort Bali. It is something like Abi Bali, which I mentioned previously, with a more wallet friendly price-tag.

The cheapest pool view room starts from USD 50 nett including breakfast, while the more expensive sea view (!) room is USD 60 nett. They also have choice of villa starting from USD 112 nett for 1 bedroom or 116 nett for 2 bedroom.

Hidden Valley hotel
This hotel is looks secluded, as oppose to Harris right in the middle of road. And with relatively less number of rooms (26 hotel rooms, 1 VIP executive suite, 2 family suites, 7 double storey villa and 3 single storey villa), you might have the whole place to yourself!

Alex also had his lunch there, reviews: Awesome food! I guess you can arrange all the welcome dinner, post wedding party at the same place. They also have a spa too!

I won't post too much pictures of it here (since I don't have them also, just ripping it off from their website), but you can go over and check it out at their gallery.

The hotel is up and running, the villa is the midst of final touch up, and will be done by end of Dec or early Jan, which I think is a bit too close for my wedding. And I have paid down payment for Harris. Or else, it would be a very good choice.

That's all for now. For those who want to know more, feel free to email me or Alex directly. We are more than happy to share info.

Recently I found out another of my friend is going to get married at Tirtha too! (Yup, that's on top of the one who already did in last October). Perhaps we should start a Tirtha Facebook support group soon! :D

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