Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bali Wedding Preparation - (Re)visit to Designer Bridal Room 2/ Update on Dress

Here's a sneak preview of the dress. Tada!

Yup! Eventually we/I chose the last dress because I really like the bodice. It is slightly dropped-waist. But due to the very well-constructed bodice (in fact, I think the bodices of Lusan Mandongus and Annsul Y are the best among the more than 20 bridal shops that I have tried), it accentuates the curve better than normal waist.

And I mentioned how I like the off-shoulder strap that covers my broad shoulder- as I swim quite a bit. It looks much nicer wearing it this way instead of what they show online.

The skirts is still pale in comparisons - mainly because I am so spoilt by the numerous layers of tulle and lace offered by this brand. It is really the standard cut for most bridal gown you will find out there. We are planning to add lace trimming or lace appliqu├ęs ourselves - if I can find the time.

The service is superb. I must gives kudos to Grace, who has been working with me these 2 rounds. After bothering them for so many times and trying on so many dress, I ended up with one of their cheapest dress (!!) yet the service is still warm and graceful. Grace looks extremely skilled when taking the measurements, I guess she knows some tailoring herself.

Going back for fitting 3 weeks later. Will be matching the dress with a cathedral length/ 300cm long veil. I loooove long veil. :D

I have the pleasure of having both my mum and grandma with me on the day. My mum was actually "taking leave" from the hospital to see me in the gown - she has been admitted for more than 2 weeks. It was a great day!

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