Monday, November 11, 2013

Bali Wedding Preparation - Tirtha Weddings Singapore 1

Okay. Just sent my full guest list to Harris Hotel Bukit Jimbaran. Total guests count currently standing at 44 pax, including the bride and groom. The reason why I include the bride and groom into the total guest count is that, apart from the fact that they are the host and technically not the guests, their headcounts are still count in every single expense related to the wedding such as transportation, accommodation, wedding reception, drinks package etc.

We foresee there are still a couple of people joining, probably less than 5. That will bring our total guests to around 50 pax, which is around the number I expected.

If you remember the Singapore Package I mentioned in earlier post, you might recall that it is catered for 70 people at SGD 19,800 nett. I calculated how much each item will costs if it has been added separately according to the standard price charged by Tirtha Bridal in Bali. And this is what I get:

Value of Singapore Package, including 15.5% tax and USD to SGD conversion of 1.27. Wedding planner fee not included.

But more importantly, the Singapore Package includes a wedding planner (which is added as the last item in the Singapore Package and so insignificant that I almost overlook it). The wedding planner will not only liaise between you and Tirtha Bridal in Bali, she will also help you source for all other miscellaneous items such as accommodation and transportation for your guests in Bali, pre-wedding dinner, post-wedding breakfast etc. She will be flying there to Bali to ensure everything is handled and passed over smoothly. Moreover, if you have a post-wedding banquet in Singapore, she will also help you coordinate it. 

Given that Tirtha Weddings Singapore's wedding planning package costs SGD 4,800, and the actual day coordination will cost additional SGD 1,900, choosing the Singapore Package is a no brainer.

However, we only have 50 guests!

The cost for 50 guests, assuming that we take up all the services from them (which can be slightly more expensive than sourcing externally), will only be SGD 18k. 

Cost for 50 pax, assuming we are engaging Tirtha for all the same services. Price includes 15.5% tax and USD to SGD conversion rate is 1.27.
The cost didn't include wedding planner, which is quite substantial. But since I have done a lot of sourcing and researching by myself, the additional help might not be that crucial to me. In fact, I personally think that the actual day coordination will be much more helpful than the wedding planning stage for my case.  

We raised our concern regarding the higher price-tag to them. This is when the confusion I mentioned last time happened. In short, the person who has been liaising with us was on leave, the boss was not around to clear confusion, we have a very short time frame and we want to make sure the venue is secured, there is a promotion that's expiring, and Mr has a very specific request for the videographer that left unanswered. 

However, things cleared up when we met up with them again the next time. 

In fact, they recreated a Singapore Package for 50 people for us, which includes everything in the previous Singapore Package except that the food and beverage will be cater for 50 pax only. The package price is SGD 17,800 nett, with additional person at SGD 150. 

They also manage to get Axioo as our videographer as part of the package. Previously Axioo is only appointed as their photographer. But Mr love Axioo's video so much (see here) that he really push this through.

Our deposit for Tirtha Uluwatu

At this moment, we are still working on the details with them. We have up to 1 month before the wedding to finalize all the details. 

I think one thing that's quite different in working with Tirtha Weddings compared to typical wedding vendors in Singapore is that in Singapore, negotiation is only possible before you pay the deposit. After that, you are pretty much at the mercy of the merchant. At Tirtha, the deposit is only to book the venue, the details are being work out later. But I might be wrong. So let see how things work out and I will definitely keep updating! :D

Any questions on wedding preparation in Bali or about something I have written on the blog? Feel free to drop me an email or leave a instant message on my Facebook chat!


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