Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Wedding Invitation for Tirtha Uluwatu, Bali and Color Scheme

Our wedding invitation! Designed by me :D The picture is from Tirtha Bridal's Facebook page. Hope they don't mind since I am not making profit from it.

You might find the color theme familiar. Yes. It is exactly the same color theme I have for this website. I always love this unique tone of green, but didn't know what it is called. Mr think that it is Tiffany Blue, but hell no, Tiffany Blue is has more blueish tone.

After some digging, I think the closest is the sea green, which sort of make sense, as I love the sea so much. It happen to match the aqua pool surrounding the chapel at Tirtha Uluwatu.

The color scheme will be a variation of aqua green/ sea glass tone, accented by variation of grey.

This tone works well for variation and save me a lot of trouble to fine the exactly same tone. And I think it gives some interesting effect like the picture below.

Found these pictures under "sea glass" theme, which I think they are quite nice. (Sorry, can't remember where I got these picture from)

I know I most likely don't have time to source for and execute all these details. But it never hurt to browse through. :D

Another color scheme I am thinking is this;

The accent of purple fuschia will give an interesting pop for the visual effect and it is much easier to source of purple fushcia flowers than sea glass flowers.

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