Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bali Wedding Preparation - Tirtha Bridal: How Much Does It Cost?

I got an email from a blog reader today asking about the cost to get married at Tirtha Uluwatu. Since I have been thinking of writing something about the cost, so I turn the email into this blog post! :D

Actually, the answer to this question is very simple and comes in 2 words:

It Depends. 

It depends on:
  • How many guests do you plan to have?
  • To what extend do you want to cover your guests?
    (eg. Are you paying for reception only, or are you covering their hotel, air ticket, pre or post-wedding celebration?) 
  • To which level of extravagance are you envisioning for your wedding?
    (eg. Designer flowers arrangement, fireworks, endless entertainment, free flow of premium alcohol?)

Found this image online. Couldn't be more appropriate for this post. 

Ceremony Only or Zero Guests Scenario

Technically the cheapest you can get away is getting their Divine Sapphire Package at USD 6,006 (USD 5,200 + 15.5% tax) + Cost of your gown/ groom suit + Air ticket + Hotel. Divine Sapphire Package includes photography, videography, makeup and wedding ceremony in Tirtha. It is pretty much all you need for a simple wedding with no reception.

Standard flowers arrangement. Pictures courtesy from Tirtha.

Basic Reception Cost

Cost will quickly escalates if you want to have your reception in Tirtha. The menu starts from USD 65 + 15.5% tax per person and non alcoholic drink package starts from USD 14 + 15.5% tax for 3 hours. The most premium alcoholic drink package cost USD 65 + 15.5% tax per person for 3 hours.You can consider getting a la carte drinks if your guests are not big drinkers.

If you are from Singapore and have 50~70 guests, you can consider taking their Singapore 50 pax Package (SGD17,800 nett) or Singapore 70 pax Package (SGD19,800 nett) that includes everything from Divine Sapphire Package plus food and 6 hour non-alcoholic drinks for 50 or 70 pax. You will need to fork out extra for alcoholic drinks.

The advantage of taking Singapore package is that they provide a wedding planner that help you source for almost everything you need such as hotel for guests, pre-wedding, post-wedding events, makeup for guests and run the logistic on the day. Frankly, I find the extra help useful, even I have done tons of research and work myself beforehand. You can find the details of Singapore package here.

It will be slightly cheaper if you have a morning + lunch celebration compared to evening + dinner celebration due to lesser alcoholic drinks and entertainment options. Just be careful of 1 pm ceremony because it is very hot. 

Pictures of food from Tirtha Facebook

Basic is Not Enough for You? Here's the Way to Burn Money.

Given that this is Bali, the charm is in the evening celebration. Especially for Tirtha Uluwatu, you might even get some magnificent sunset photoshoot over the cliff.

The bulk of the cost for evening celebration comes mainly from the entertainment. Figure USD 1,000 for band, USD 1,500 for DJ, USD 1,500 for fireworks, couple of hundreds here and there for Balinese dance, Fire dance, Kecak dance; throw in a couple hours of alcoholic drinks package, you might be looking at additional $10,000 expenditure.

Another variable cost is the flower. All packages in Tirtha includes flower for ceremony, bride bouquet and groom corsage. If you are having reception there, they also includes flowers for your table. Of course the flowers are on the simpler side. If you want to upgrade the flowers, sky is your limit! :D 

And if you are particular with photography and videography and want to engage the best, each of them can set you back couples of thousands dollars.

Fancy some designer flowers? Sky is the limit to you. Pictures from Tirtha Bridal Facebook

Other Non-Tirtha Related Expenditure

Everything I have mentioned now is just the cost for ceremony and reception alone. You will have to consider the cost of hotel, flights, attire, rings, jewellery etc. As well as whether you want any pre and post wedding celebration.

Just to give you an idea of expenditure: A friend of mine had her wedding in Tirtha Ulutwatu and then move to a hotel for reception spent around SGD 20,000 for 40+ guests.

For us, we foresee we will spend around SGD 22,000 at Tirtha alone for morning celebration and lunch reception. We will spend another SGD 8,000 for our guests accommodation, transportation, airticket for our immediate family and a welcome dinner for all. These exclude attire, ring, jewellery etc.

I guess that's all the cost I can think of for now. Free free to email me if you have other cost or non-cost related questions. I am more than happy to help if I can. 


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