Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bali Wedding Preparation: Stationery

Few more days before the big day! After 2 years 2 months of planning, it is finally here!

Sorry I am not doing much updates because there is just too much details to tie up. Imagine 5 days before the wedding, there are still guests cancelling the trip, changing their flight and booking their air ticket. Having a destination wedding is practically doing both wedding planning and travel agent job at once. You don't just only plan for the wedding day, you have to think and arrange all the airport transfer, on the ground transfer, hotel booking and changing and even booking air ticket for them (I book a total of 13 air tickets for different people flying in and out at different dates on different airlines... faint)

Anyway, I love doing event planning job so that's pretty ok. Yet, a wedding planner is really a god send here. Unless you got an extremely good, very meticulous and very free jie mei that don't mind checking every single files that goes through you, you will need one. Even your best jie mei might not response to all your email within 24 hours, but wedding planner will coz that's their job :P

Yesterday I manage to do up some stationery. Here is it:

Sorry, the picture is a bit blur and the colour is totally off in the picture (taken by phone's camera, what can I expect?). It is suppose to be the same tone of bluish green you saw in this website.

We also got back the welcome guide which we sent for printing. Our friend did it for us in 3 days time despite the holiday season.

In fact, I also designed my own ceremony program even though Tirtha has their standard template. They are okay with printing my design with no extra cost but in black and white only. Printing in colours would cost extra. We figure that's not worth it so on actual day it will be in grayscale only. You guys are luckier than the guests since you got to see the colour version! :D

And finally is the wedding invitation card. Our guests only receive the electronic version. Here's the one for my own keepsake.

Okay! That's it for now. The next updates most likely will be after the big day. Yet, I still have so many backlog on the preparation that I would like to blog about. Guess that will have to wait. Feel free to email me if you have questions, perhaps it will turn into a blog post too. :D


  1. Congratulations! All the best to you on your wedding day, and best blessings for your marriage. :))

  2. congratulations! I can't wait for your updates on the wedding day. I would love to see your make up as I will be doing a Lona make up trial soon

    1. Hi Aurora, thanks! I am still in Ball now for a mini-moon. But don't worry about LONA. You are in good hands. I am uploading some pictures on the Facebook page now so you can have the preview :D

  3. This venue is a true gem- it was intimate (we had 100 guests) and has a lot of character, which allowed us not to have to invest in extra lighting or decorations.