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Bali Wedding Report 1: Just Got Back

Judging from the title, I suppose you guys can guess that there isn't much updates in this post. Yes, I know that it has been a week since our big day and as a good blogger, I should have given real-time update on the wedding night (yeah right.)

Well, the reality is we were so dead tired after the whole fanfare that we slept for 2 days during our Mini-moon at Komaneka at Bisma. On a side note, I highly recommend Komaneka at Bisma for rest and relaxation - I probably shouldn't recommend them, since it will make it even tougher for me to book a room next time. Imagine I can only manage to book 2 nights out of 3 nights for our stay this time as it is fully booked. And this is low season in Bali. 

I won't go into details on their relaxed atmosphere, which you can read in heaps and piles at Tripadvisor. Their price, which I manage to get a Suite Room at USD 185 nett per night, is pretty good deal for the room, amenities and services offered. In fact, I felt so much more relaxed here than the I did in Maldives, which I stayed at Kuramathi at triple the price for our mini-getaway after ROM.

Breakfast at balcony at Komeneka at Bisma 

The pool at Komeneka at Bisma

The padi field view outside our room at Komeneka at Bisma
That's Mr reading at the balcony after breakfasta

Make sure you try their spa services if you stay there. It is expensive. Ok, it is really expensive if you compared to what you get from Bali but the quality of massage and atmosphere offered is totally worth the price tag. You will have the sounds of flowing rivers accompany your massage, and all massages come with a nice foot wash and a even nicer jacuzzi bath. Just make sure that to reserve well in advance if you are keen. We only manage to secure 1 hour of massage on our last day during our 3 days stay there.

Forest view with rivers running outside the massage hut

Oh ya. Komaneka at Bisma also has a wedding chapel. But I will blog about that next time.

Chapel at Komaneka at Bisma

Okay. Get back to the main topic: The Wedding.

Well I am sorry that I couldn't show you guys any professional pictures yet because we haven't gotten them from Axioo. We are as curious as you guys on how it would turn out eventually.

Meanwhile, here's a picture that our friend Joshua took for us after the ceremony and lunch reception. We stayed back at Tirtha Luhur for some sunset pictures. It was quite a wait and whole team of staff at Tirtha waited with us. I feel bad for them.

Joshua did photography part time, so if you guys interested in his work, you can check it out at his Facebook page.

Thanks a lot to Joshua for helping us taking such an amazing picture

Frankly, there are so many things that can be mentioned about the wedding that I don't know where to start. Perhaps I just copy and paste a response that I sent to Alex - a fellow reader who contacted me regarding Tirtha and helped me scout Harris previously - which pretty much summarized most of my immediate thoughts after the wedding.

This is his email:

"Hi Jessie 

How's ur wedding?
Any rain? How's overall arrangement on that day and how long was ur ceremony in the chapel?

Do share with me when u r free ya.


My friends before the ceremony

And here's my response:

"Hi Alex,

Sorry I am still in Bali now. So here's the short version.

It has been raining everyday since Saturday. But since we hired the rain chaser (Saturday for welcome dinner and Sunday for the wedding), we had a lovely weather (probably too sunny) for both our events. In fact, just before the welcome dinner and the wedding, it was still very cloudy and with a lot of thick black clouds. It actual rained before our welcome dinner. But we saw the cloud literally disappear as our event starts. I strongly recommended one for yours. We met up with some friends of ours who stay in Bali, they believe in them too. As Mr put it, it is a cheap insurance.

I am not sure how long my ceremony is since I didn't wear a watch. I would like to know how long it was myself too. I estimate it to be 30-40 minutes.

Tirtha is extremely professional. My main wedding planner who flew in from Singapore is really god send. She has been waiting for all the guests at the airport, doing all the communication since I touched down in Bali, arranging and rearranging transport for them.

I have 3 groups of guests who missed their flights thus need rearrangement of transports, 2 groups of guests got delayed with 1 of them delayed for 8 hours, and a lost golf luggage which she went to airport to pick it up for us at 12 midnight because Mr is suppose to play golf the next morning.
Meanwhile she still needs to meet up with my friends who are doing emcee, giving speech, mending the Polaroid booth etc. I didn't know how much communication they have been doing behind my back, because my friends told me that he was given lots of info. Anyway, all my guests are really impressed with her service and a couple of them asked for her contact for wedding.

Oh yeah, she also arranged all the transports for my guests who wants to go sightseeing, send back our jacket hanger, gave recommendations for food and rearranged the return transport for 4 groups of guests who changed their return flights.

The day went with a blast and went through too fast. I would love to spend more time with my guests on the day. Lunch is very hot. The aircon is not strong enough. But you should be fine since yours is an evening celebration.

If you haven't bought your ticket, which I doubt so, I will recommend you fly in and have the rehearsal at least 2-3 days before the actual event. We had ours on Friday, which is 2 days before. But because we crafted our own ceremony instead of using Tirtha standard ceremony, there are a lot of details to go through and to finalize, which takes more time than using their standard ceremony.

I don't recommend doing the rehearsal the day before because that's when your guests start flying in, and you want to spend as much time with them as possible, especially if your guests are like mine who don't stay in Singapore and I seldom meet them. If your guests want to stay longer and spend more time with you, ask them extend the stay after the wedding, not before. Because you will be running around preparing before the wedding and your mind won't be with them. I have quite a few good catch up with my friends and family AFTER the wedding.

Ok. That's it for now. All the best for your wedding now! :D

Shot using camera phone, nonetheless as nice.

Additional comments:

In fact, after our wedding. It has been raining non-stop in Bali. My relatives who has been mocking us about the rain chaser started asking why we didn't hire the rain chaser for a couple more days so that they can move around easily. So yes, get a rain chaser. If you are still unconvinced, read this.

Tirtha's staff is so professional that they even has a professional dressing lady to help me get dressed. Since my dress comes with a pretty traditional corseting, see here, my friend who suppose to help me get quite baffled by it. Then she stepped in and I was dressed within minutes.

As you can now tell, the fastest way to get me update is to ask me questions. My email response works as good a blog. So feel free to email me.

Another favourite shot of mine, also by phone. 

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