Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bali Wedding Report 3: The Flowers and Decorations

I know I am suppose to talk about $$. But that's borriiiiing. And since Shevelyn from Indonesia asked me about the flowers and decoration, why not we talk about something prettier? :P

The flowers arrangement for our wedding. Photos from Tirtha Bridal Facebook

Should you upgrade the flowers? I guess this is a question for a lot of Tirtha brides-to-be. I personally quite like Tirtha's standard flowers arrangements. It is simple and modern. I would have gotten married with it and be as happy as I can be. And to be frank, I was so emotional during the ceremony that I didn't even notice the how my aisle flowers looks like! (How much I spend on it again?!)

Tirtha's standard flowers arrangement
However, which girl doesn't like some extra flowers and foliage for her wedding? And flowers do heighten the sense of romance in the air, don't they? (As so we were brain-washed by the multi-million dollars wedding industry :P) So I was considering upgrading the flowers after finding out Tirtha offers alternative flower arrangement packages from USD 1000++ to USD1600++, which is roughly the amount I think I can convince Mr to fork out without getting him shut down the whole idea immediately. :P

Gracious Casablanca package at USD1200++

We were lucky that when we signed  up the package and was discussing about flowers, Tirtha's co-founder and managing director Ms Yuka Koreyasu was there. It turns out that she was also the person in-charged for flowers decoration in Tirtha so she proposed to create a customized flowers arrangement for us based on our colour theme - ie. aqua blue/ sea glass to complement the seaview. In fact, I even showed her my previous blog post on our color scheme. :D

The first proposal was USD3000++. We were shocked. Okay. Perhaps shock is not the right word. We weren't that pleased with the proposal since it is way more than what we want to spend on flowers. And I know Mr is going to call this flowers things off if I don't get it down to a proper price point.

Our first flowers proposal of USD2965++

Luckily Tirtha is very flexible. All their items has individual pricing so that you can remove items that you don't need. Immediately, I removed the flowers for cake, ring pillow and registration table.

We didn't have a registration table before the ceremony because all our guests will arrive together in 2 bus load and having a registration table for them to sign the guests book will end up people queuing at the entrance. Instead we get our guests to sign the guests book during the cocktail hours after the ceremony and before the reception so they can have plenty of time to sign our polaroid guest book.

Our Polaroid Guests Book booth during cocktail reception
Polaroid Guest Book

The biggest price tag from their original proposal is the aisle flowers. At USD $200++ per vase, just the aisle alone is USD $1600++. Given that we will only be in the chapel for 30-40 minutes, I asked them to create an arrangement that can be used at both aisle and dining table, which they did! The aisle flowers are probably not as grand as otherwise but I saved tons of $$. And remember? I didn't even have chance to notice the flowers during the wedding!

Our aisle flowers arrangement
Close up shot

Even closer shot

The view of the back of chapel
Got the fan from Taobao. Turn out to be extremely useful.

Our altar flowers arrangement and the aqua/ tiffany blue candles

Compared to the aisle flowers, my attention was captured by the dining table flowers arrangement immediately because it is soooo beautiful. I especially love the aqua blue glass cube and candles holder. And the aqua blue candles!!! I can't believe that they actually manage to get them and use them throughout all the decorations since I only suggested aqua candles to them like 1 month before the wedding.

The point to note here is. If you have limited budget, spend it on the flowers for reception, not the ceremony. Ceremony only lasted 30-40 minutes, receptions are at least couple of hours.

Our dining table flowers arrangements

Our dining table flowers arrangement

Our dining table flowers arrangement
They also prepare a sapphire blue colour welcome drinks which we used for the toast. It looks great in photos!

Colour-coordinated welcome drinks which we used for toast
Finally, some shoots of our attires. Mr's attires is a pleasant surprise. When I bought the bow tie (a very unique one with sea!! Love It!), I have no idea how it is going to match his entire ensemble. I mail order his pocket square sight-unseen, which only arrive the day before we are going to leave for Bali. Surprisingly, the pocket square's colour tone matches his bow tie and the ribbons of boutonnière.  

Mr's attire. Turn out to be so much better than I can imagine.

My bouquet is made of the same flowers with blue ribbons. Love how it matches with the blue diamond on my engagement rings. I should have painted my nails blue but think it was too daring for brides.

Did I mentioned I specifically request for green cymbidium orchids? I LOVE this genus of orchids, especially the green one. Ms Yuka Koreyasu was concern that using the green orchid will clash with the entire look. But I am so glad that she used it eventually. Getting married without the green cymbidium orchid is just such a huge disappointment to me. :P 

My bouquet.
A shoot of groomsman and bridesmaid attires. It is my brother and sister in the picture. :D

I think I am lucky that aqua/ tiffany blue is in vogue now. My friends and my sister got their dresses separately and they all came in the exactly same tone. So the pictures turns out quite well. :D

Our final decorations costs USD 1070++, as shown below:


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